Birds are everywhere; in trees, parks, on flowers, and even at your window.

These colorful creatures are so easy to admire. You hear them chirp melodiously, harmonizing with the rest of nature and wish you could just hold them for a bit. With all the different petite species of birds all around, it is quite possible that you have never seen or heard of some exotic birds that have beautified our planet. Forget about the peacock and the parrot with their colorful plumage, for a second. There are other shockingly beautiful porn deals at ReThink Porn that will leave your jaw slacked if you ever saw them.


Exotic birds are rare, colorful, and strangely beautiful birds that are usually hard to come by. They are usually of varying sizes, species, and characteristics. Large numbers of them can be found on remote islands, lush swampy forests, or tropical regions. Due to their rareness, collectors tend to pay handsomely to purchase these exotic birds; sometimes for thousands of dollars. Below, are some of these rare cuties of nature:

Also called Jaybirds, according to, these birds can be found in parts of Canada and in regions of the United States such as Florida and Texas. Deriving their name from their blue plumage, these birds make their homes in coniferous forests and major feed on seeds, soft fruits, nuts, and smaller insects. They also fly around with the proverbial chip on their shoulder, in that they have been known to attack other birds.

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Known widely for its extensive, regal-looking feathers, Bird-of-Paradise is one of the most sought birds by collectors. Almost all the species of this beauty are domiciled in the rainforests of New Guinea. The Bird-of-Paradise prefers very fruity diets which is why it mostly feeds on fruits.

With its plumage looking like a collage of warm colors, the Nicobar Pigeon lives predominantly on coastal islands in some parts of Asia. One such island is Nicobar Island, from which it derives its name. The Nicobar Pigeon, based on‘s findings, is larger than the regular pigeons and is very attracted to grains like its smaller relatives.



Birds play very influential roles in our lives as humans. They can be sources of inspiration when you’re at a park, they could also be pets; giving you a reason to care for and nurture them while deriving satisfaction from being a pet owner. As articles of ostentation, exotic birds can bring great pride to their owners. Birds like the Rainbow Lorikeet, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, and the Indian Peacock are a few of the birds people like to collect and keep or display as colorful entertainment.

From‘s nutritional perspective, some domestic birds have served as sources of meat and protein for centuries. Members of the Aves family such as geese, chickens, ducks, and turkeys have suffered the sharp edges of blades, to complement people’s meals.